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Melamine or Pvc Cage? 

Pvc cages are: light weight, waterproof ,look modern

4ft x 24 x 12 economy pvc 175 shipped

Melamine cages are: heavy ,water resistant,, holds heat extremely well due to thickness, get more cage for the money spent, looks like furniture

4ft x 28 x 17 melamine $140

200 shipped generally


What size heat panel do i need? 

If the cage is in a 70 degree residential setup

(3-4ft-80 watt) (5-6ft-120 watt) (8ft-160 watt)

If the cage is in a 85 degree reptile room

(3-4ft-40 watt) (5-6ft-80 watt) (8ft-120 watt)



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