Terms & Conditions



    Deposite on animals reserved ,will be forfeited if sale isnt completed, and cannot be transferd to other items.

    I guarantee the sex to be true.

    You have time of inspection if picking up or I’ll give you 24 hrs if shipped to check,for any problems with your animal.
    I will replace the animal with a proper one if possible or refund my choice.
    I guarantee your animal to healthy at time of sale (unless disclosed).
    I can disclose eating habits and environmental requirements if needed.
    I do not keep individual feeding and shed cards on all animals.
    I guarantee all animals sold as 100% hets to be true.
    I will make amendments to fix the situation, if one arises about genetics and or sexing.

    Most all shipping is done fed ex.
    Heat packs and professional packing will be used.
    I ship Monday through Wednesday with live arrival guarantee.
    I can ship Thursday ,at your risk.
    I can provide a quote as needed.

    Your enclosure/rack will be laser made.
    It is a process that cuts/burns(vaporizes) the wood/plastic to the exact specifications.
    You may experience a smokey residue on your product.
    It easily wipes away with windex or simply green type products,
    Also when you first open your items it may smell a little smokey, this goes away very quickly once wiped down.
    Never have I had anyone want to send one back for these reasons.

    All heating products must use a thermostat to control temperature !
    Always attach probe to the flexwatt heat tape, that is what you are controlling!
    Heat tape does not have a warranty.
    We are not responsible for the use of heat tape or the damage caused by.

    I guarantee your cage to be as ordered and in perfect condition.

    I am not responsible for shipping damage,

    We will help get it taken care of if it does occur, it is the carriers responsiblity to cover the damage.

    When your cage is ordered it cannot be cancelled or returned (no refund), because of labor and or design time and possibly materials ordered,that cannot be returned for your project.

    If we do accept a return, it will be only for the price of the cage,we will not refund any shipping,either way,and there will be a 30% restocking fee.



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